photo art my way

thank you for visiting 

Photos of clouds and floral beauty shaped into various figures. Allowing the imagination to lead the way, whatever the size of the same.

the appetite for stretching the boundaries of an image seems continuously ravenous.

enjoy my art.


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photo art my way

ingrid kraiser

photo art my way

thank you for visiting

There is no given way in which my photos come to live a new life.

A cloud does not have to stay a cloud, a pebble does not have to stay in place on the beach, a petal does not have to remain an anonymous part of the floral envelope. 

There is nothing predictable about my shaping of photo art.

Welcome back. 

feel free to be a friend and send me your possible feed back, questions and thoughts.

the shape of cloudy skies

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the form of icy winter petals

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